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Musings: Why I Love Being a Naturopathic Physician

"I Have Cancer"

I have seen the effects of these three words on patients and their families. The diagnosis comes from a medical oncologist, and then we are sought out to help with the emotional, spiritual, and physical effects of the cancer. We are with them for most of the journey, from after diagnosis and beyond.

Can Naturopathic Physicians Help?

We can help in many ways: we understand that "I have cancer" is more than cancer, that it's rocked your world and that of your loved ones. You are in a place you don't recognize and are desperately looking for someone to be your guide. There are fabulous support groups that are an absolute life line. There are books that focus on types of cancer and what worked for the authors. There are blogs. There are live chats on Twitter. There's a lot to be said about a wired world.

Still, you'll have questions that won't be answered. You're going to have common side effects: chemo brain, muscle aches, mouth sores, constipation, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, hot flashes, nausea. You will be told that this is normal. What you won't be told is how to deal with them. Or you'll try something and find that it doesn't work for you but did work for someone else. That's where I come in. Through use of herbs, diet, exercise, and more, I can help lessen these initial side effects. I can help the cancer treatment work better. And I most certainly can help keep you strong before, during, and after your treatment.

But Aren't Naturopathic Physicians All About Natural Treatments?

Naturopathic physicians are all about helping you, using as many tools as we can. Those tools include botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, hydrotherapy, counseling, nutrition, as well as pharmaceuticals. Our healing basket is chock-full of options. And always remember: there is always something to try. Always. There are treatments that are not in my basket - acupuncture, massage, Tai Chi - but I know very good people who are marvelous practitioners in these healing arts.

You Are More Than Cancer

It's pithy, but true: cancer is a word, not a sentence. Your emotional and spiritual well-being are at least as important as your physical well-being. And, as a naturopathic physician, I am here to treat the whole you, not just the "cancer" you.

To get a better idea about what's in my healing basket, check out Dr. Neil McKinney's fabulous book, Naturopathic Oncology: An Encyclopedic Guide for Patients and Physicians. Then give me a call. I am here for you.

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