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Our patients come to us with a variety of concerns. We recognize that everyone is unique, so the health plan for any specific condition will be unique as well. We see everyone - babies to seniors - as well as conditions from acute to chronic.

Wellness and Prevention

It's always better to not get sick in the first place. Food and exercise are medicine, and we will work with you to develop the health plan that is right for you. It starts with a complete health history, review of systems, and of course, your current complaint(s). If you've not had lab work done in a while, we'll do a blood draw as well as obtain a urine sample. A physical exam will be performed. And, we do refer out when indicated (e.g. acupuncturist, chiropractor, MD specialist, psychologist, psychiatrist, physical therapist).

General Health Care for the Whole Family

Rather than provide a list of common conditions that we treat, please understand that we treat YOU. We treat the physical/spiritual/emotional/mental you. If you have an acute condition, please come in for treatment. If you have a chronic condition, let's work together to move you to "chronic wellness."

Cancer Support

We will work with you and your oncologist to help you through treatments and help ensure their success. We are skilled in treating many common side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, immune and biological therapies, and surgery. We are here to help you every step of the way. There are so many things that can be done to support you through your cancer treatment:

To learn more about how I as a naturopathic physician can help you through cancer treatment, please read my "I Have Cancer" article.

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