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Social Media Policy

I love social media (this website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and use it to educate, to share really interesting information, to participate in online discussions, to keep up with friends and family, and other more mundane reasons like wanting to see what's on everyone's mind.

If you "like" my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter, fantastic and welcome! Please understand that items I post or comments I make are in no way medical advice. If you need or want medical advice, please make an appointment to see me or your regular doctor (whom I hope is me).

Social media is open to the world and not at all sercure, so asking anything on those platforms other than "Would you mind giving me a quick call?" is best done via text/email/DM.

I share a lot of articles I find via Twitter or my various medical news feeds. Usually they are relevant to naturopathic medicine; sometimes they're thought-provoking; it doesn't mean I endorse what's being shared.

My friends @DrGhaheri and @hrana summarize social media policy very well: "My Twitter status updates are not medical, legal, ethical, financial, moral, political, or any other form of advice, suggestion, or recommendation."

But I think all of you know that already!

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