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What to Expect

Your First Visit

This is not your typical doctor's appointment! Initial office visits last one hour. Dr. Batten will discuss with you your health concerns and goals, review your medical history, perform any necessary physical exams and may order diagnositic tests. Together we will develop an individualized, comprehensive plan to set you on the path to complete wellness. Questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Your Return Visits

Your return visits may last up to 45 minutes. We will check your progress, further develop your health plan, answer your questions, and when needed, address new health concerns. Pertinent exams may be performed and diagnostic tests may be ordered. We are happy to work with your other health care providers; as part of our integrated approach to wellness, we encourage it. As a team, we can provide you with the best of all worlds.

Supplements and Medications

We are frequently asked if supplements and medications can be purchased at the local health food store or big-box store. Sometimes the answer is yes. We recognize that not all products are of equal quality. Many products on the market are not regulated, nor are they subject to quality control. It is not uncommon to find heavy metals, low-grade binders and fillers, and toxic substances in over-the-counter supplements. Bring your supplements to your appointments; if a safer alternative is available, we will recommend it to you.


Once you have scheduled your appointment, please download, print, and complete the following forms. The forms are in PDF format. Please bring these completed forms to your first visit.

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